Affiliation number - MISC/19/HS/18

Chairman's Desk

Chairman: Col Parikshit M Lapalkar.

“Education is process by which character is formed, Strength of mind is increased and intellect is sharpened”. Swami Vivekananda Education is the most essential and basic right of every child. In the age of technological advancement and globalization it is our endeavour at Bramhastra Army Pre Primary School to prepare our children to thrive in future. Our mission is to instill moral values, social development and communication skills in our children and turn them into confident, inquisitive and innovative students. The school is a centre of excellence and remains committed to imparting quality education including a sense of patriotism for overall development of children. The school aims to provide world class infrastructure with a safe, congenial & healthy environment for students, teachers and staff of BAPPS. “Education is not confined to books, it is a lifelong process of learning and self improvement”. I convey my best wishes to all teachers, children & their parents. Happy schooling !!

Principal's Desk

Principal: Rachana R Lama.

““The purpose of education is to make GOOD HUMAN BEINGS with skill and expertise”
APJ Abdul Kalam All individuals are born as scholars, philosophers, artists, authors etc who need a constant hand of guidance to enable them to be nurtured into their rightful destiny wherein they may optimise their potential to the maximum. Here in BAPPS we make an earnest endeavour to attain this through a holistic development of the child which is made possible via an assiduously curated and well-structured curriculum designed to magnify the physical and mental faculties of every child.
We are dedicated in our mission to constantly guide and nurture the eager children by creating a positive environment where the 21st century learners will find an optimal space to become Physically Fit, Morally Responsible, Spiritually Conscious, Intellectually Objective and Emotionally Balanced while paying a sustained heed to their safety and special needs. Accordingly, activities and events related to value education, environment, health education, mindfulness practise, games, visual and performing arts, culture, heritage and personality development have effectively been woven into the fabric of the curriculum. The campus, sports and academic facilities bear testimony to this Mission.
In BAPPS we consider the Parents of our Learners to be our collaborators for all aspects of our learner’s development. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all parents for their continued support in all our endeavours and for their keen participation in all assigned activities. Lastly, our teachers are the means via which we impart the power of education to our little learners thereby providing them the possibility for a bright future. Kudos to their dedication and diligence.
Thank You
“Education Is The Most Powerful Tool Which You Can Use To Change The World.” Nelson Mandela

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